Semi-Annual Inspection

During a semi-annual inspection (as per CSA C282-15 Clause 11.5.2 - table 4. 2-4) a qualified technician would ensure the engine and ventilation systems are inspected, cleaned and lubricated. The technician changes fuel filters and verifies the fuel supply valve is open. Linkages are cleaned and lubricated. Air filters, the ignition system, heat exchangers, belts, hoses, mechanical connections and electrical connections are inspected. The generator unit would be tested for safe operation. Before start-up, two full cranking cycles are performed. A battery load test is performed and the lowest indicated battery charge is measured and recorded. Any defects found during inspections and tests are corrected. All inspections, tests, and corrective actions are recorded in the log.

A monthly inspection should also be performed in the month that a semi-annual inspection take place.

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