Fuel Cleaning

Samples from the bottoms of the storage and day tanks will be taken as part of the regular annual maintenance (CSA C282-15 Clause 11.5.5). The fuel shall be placed in a transparent bottle and examined to determine whether it is clear and bright.

Clear and bright fuel has no floating or suspended matter in it. Brightness is a quality independent of the sample colour and refers to the lack of suspended or free water in the sample.

The technician will record the visual quality as clear and bright or not clear and bright and will recommend accordingly.

If the fuel fails the test, a fuel cleaning should be done which involves the fuel being full filtered to remove water, scale, bacteria and oxidized gums/resin to minimize degradation while in storage. Fuel cleaning prevents damage to the generator engine and fuel system which minimizes filter clogging and ensures diesel start-up.

Alternatively, the tank could be drained and the bottom of the tank must be cleaned of all residue and refilled with fresh fuel. If the tank is not cleaned, the new fuel will quickly become contaminated again.

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