Five Year Maintenance

A Five Year Maintenance or Quinquennial inspection (CSA C282-15 Table 6) shall be completed every five years. During this maintenance service, the qualified contractor will inspect and measure the insulation of the generator windings.

If resistance is low, dry out the insulation using the auxiliary heat process. Drain and flush the cooling system and refill the system with new coolant. Clean radiator tubes and cooling fins. Replace thermostats and inspect valve clearances and adjust as appropriate. Correct all defects found during inspection and test.

A Five Year Maintenance includes:

  • Test insulation of generator windings – Megger test (Table 6: 1)
  • Cooling system flush, clean outside of rad, replace thermostats (Table 6: 2a,b,c)
  • Inspect valve clearances, adjust (Table 6: 2d)

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