Annual Inspection

The annual inspection includes a complete inspection and operation of the control panel which involves opening and inspecting all inspection covers and electrical connections (as per CSA C282-15 Clause 11.3 – table 5). The breakers are tested for proper operation. Insulators and bushings are cleaned. The voltage regulator is tested. All moving parts are operated to ensure they move freely. All contacts are cleaned and dressed as necessary. DUST is removed from the control panel and gauge calibration is checked.

The generator will have the surge suppressor and rotating rectifier on brushless machines tested. Bearings are greased. Commutator and slip rings are cleaned (if required). Rotor and stator windings are inspected and cleaned. Coupling bolts are cleaned and aligned. Conduits are inspected for tightness. Electrical connections are inspected.

During an annual inspection, the emergency generator set shall be subjected to a two hour full load bank test. In parallel generator set installations, each generator may be load tested individually if synchronization and load sharing is demonstrated.
Also the fuel oil in any fuel storage tank and day tank, if applicable, will be tested. If the fuel fails the test, a fuel cleaning will be recommended.

The transfer switch will be inspected and cleaned including electrical connections. All inspections, tests and corrective actions will be recorded in the log.

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