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Transfer Switches

GE's Zenith ZTG Series switches are built for standard applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a power contractor switch.

ZTG switches are equipped with GE’s Zenith MX150 microprocessor panel, which controls the operation and displays the status of the transfer switch’s position, timers and available sources. As an embedded digital controller, the MX150 offers high reliability and ease of unattended operation across a range of applications. The MX150 features include:

  • Timer and voltage/frequency settings adjustable without disconnection from the power section
  • Built-in diagnostics with an LCD display for immediate troubleshooting
  • LED/LCD indicators for ease of viewing and long life
  • Nonvolatile memory—clock battery back-up not required for standard switch operation
  • Processor and digital circuitry isolated from line voltage
  • Inputs optoisolated for high electrical immunity to transients and noise communications network interface

Transfer Switch
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