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Dielectric Anti-Friction / Cleans - Lubricates

The unique formula of PenLub is a combination of essential ingredients necessary in order to cleanse, lubricate, penetrate, and protect metal. PenLub penetrates metal pores, dissolves rust, cleans away grease and dirt. Dissipates the humidity. Because of its unique dielectric properties, up to 29.8 kV (29,800 volts), it provides a wide range of applications.


  • Motors and generators
  • Locks
  • Fans
  • Circuit breakers, integrated and switches/li>
  • Mine and Marine equipment
  • Elevators
  • Assembly line
  • Penetrating fluid
  • Anti-friction applications
  • Pneumatic tools & systems
  • Sprinklers
  • Many, many more


  • Dielectric:
  •      Aerosol...........14.7 kV
         Bulk liquid.......29.8 kV
  • Antifriction
  • Dissipates moisture
  • Prevents rust
  • Lubricates
  • Cleanses in depth
  • Does not harm plastic
  • Does not attract dust, dirt, or airborne pollutants
  • Safe for integrated circuitry
  • Silicone free
  • Food approved standard H-2, CFIA No. :/L125

Chain & Cable Lube logo

Chain & Cable lube

The polar nature of Chain & Cable Lube's microcrystalline wax-based solution allows the product to "creep." This action causes the lubricant to penetrate into the internal mechanisms of drive chains, sprocket teeth and seats. CCL also protects against premature wear between steel cable strands.


  • Drive chains
  • Drag chains
  • Open gears
  • Steel cables


  • Prevents oxidation due to excess humidity, water and high salt content
  • Noise reduction
  • Contains no heavy metals thus preventing arcing when in contact with live wires
  • Does not attract dust or airborne contaminants
  • Prevents stretching of drive chains
  • Dielectric rigidity up to 16.5 kV

Block Aid logo

Barrier Fluid Lubricant Against Contaminants

Parts are exposed to difficult environmental conditions. Airborne contaminants circulating in the air come to rest on chains and cables, as well as the shafts of hydraulic cylinders. Block Aid fights the problems caused by such harsh environmental conditions.


  • Worm screws
  • Hydraulic cylinders shafts
  • Steel cables
  • Drive chains


  • Antiwear properties
  • Prevents premature wear of sprocket seat and teeth
  • Creates a barrier between parts and contaminants
  • Excellent water washout resistance
  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Antistatic properties
  • Dielectric rigidity, test ASTM D877, 47 kV

Biotope Gear logo

Synthetic oil for gears

Biotope-Gear is complete synthetic oil. This new formulation gets higher indices of viscosities, a very weak rate of cavitations and very few effects of traction on the gears. More over, under similar conditions the life span of Biotope-Gear lasts 3-5 times longer than mineral oil.


  • Highly loaded gearboxes
  • Enclosed gears under severe temperature ranges and load


  • Biodegradable
  • Avoid cavitations and varnish
  • Resist shearing
  • Long lasting, thus reducing the frequency of oil change
  • Support the extreme conditions of loads and speed
  • Excellent resistance against rust, corrosion and water
  • Does not plug the filter in presence of water
  • Compatible with all yellow metals

Biotope Hydrau logo

Synthetic oil for hydraulic system

Biotope-Hydrau is a 100% synthetic without adding mineral oil. Biotope-Hydrau offers an excellent protection against wear. This essential element maintains the pump efficiency. Biotope-Hydrau is compatible with the seals, resists corrosion and easily separates itself from the water and the debris in the separator/filter before returning again in the system.

Biotope-Hydrau has better resistance than conventional oil under extreme temperature, oxidation and stays cleaner through all the operations.

Recommended for systems using screw type, reciprocating and turbine pumps with high or low pressure.


  • Resists against corrosion and oxidation
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Avoids the oil loss due to sliding
  • Compatible with the seals
  • Separates itself easily from the water and debris
  • Keep the system cleaner
  • Resists compression while maintaining it fluidity
  • Resists a wide range of temperature
  • Keep its properties even under extreme condition of oxidation
  • Biodegradable

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